Software Installation Tutorial

Step 1

Before setting up Hadoop-1.2.1 cluster, all nodes should be configured first. It can be done by following steps in given link:

Step 2

Hadoop multi node cluster setup is done by following this link:

Step 3

Download Eclipse IDE for java EE Developers by following this link:

Step 4

Download hadoop plugin by following this link:Download

Step 5

Configure the hadoop plugin with eclipse by following this link:

Step 6

Start Hadoop Daemons.

Step 7

Import Pharmahadoop in Eclipse.

Step 8

Fill the details which are specified by "<>" symbol in java files. Input file must be in SDF format and the query file must be in xml format.

Step 9

Download and to get the demo of xml file use the following link:Download

Step 10

To run programme do right click from main (Driver method) programme and run application as Java application.